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Uk Angling (click on a link to view):

Wyrley & Essington Canal, West Midlands
Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire
Blackroot Pool, Birmingham
Salford Park, Birmingham
The Swag, Staffordshire
Spoonbill Pit, Staffordshire

Overseas Angling (click on a link to view):

Lac Des Lesmont, France

Lac Desire, France


I started fishing at the age of ten, when my mother bought me one of those awful cheap & nasty 6ft spinning rod sets, after I moaned like mad that my elder brother had been given one. It took me ages to actually catch my first fish, which was a tiny perch from under a road bridge on my local canal. After spending my early years with mates on the 'cut', I used to watch the carp swimming up & down certain stretches of the canal, beneath the surface, & was always told "you can't catch them". The more my angling knowledge increased, the more I thought 'I bet I could catch them'. At the age of sixteen, when I left school & began an engineering apprenticeship, earning the mighty sum of £40 per week, I started to buy a two rod carp setup, aimed at having a go at catching these canal carp. After many hours, days & weeks of trudging the canal banks in search of carp, I began to meet some of the guys that were also fishing for them.
The first bloke I met was Royston 'Buzzerboy Roy' Butwell. He went to the same school as me, so when I saw him carp fishing under a brolly in winter, with a carp rod, a leger rod & sitting on his plastic seatbox, I had no hesitation in chatting to him to see what info I could gain. Through Royst I met his mates: Dave Edwards, Dave 'Gypo' Williams, Lee Evans, Stuart Lines & Wayne Dunn. They were all 'doing it', & I was eager to get in on the action.

I spent a lot of time with Royst & the two Dave's, & that allowed me to keep in touch with what was being caught, & how to catch these elusive fish. Until I could afford to buy all the gear I needed, I would regularly sit until the late hours with them, whenever one of them was doing a session. I was fortunate to see the odd fish being caught, but was all to aware that it wasn't going to be easy!

*My time on the canal is documented in The Canal page of this website
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